“The Way I View,” A Clickin Moms 12-Month Challenge: October ~ Halloween

I’m participating in a fun 12-month challenge at Clickin Moms called “The Way I View.” Each month a group of 12 CM photographers interpret that month’s theme through photographs, then link to each other’s blogs.

October’s theme is The Way I View: Halloween. I’m a week late in posting but I finally have some space to edit a few favorites from Halloween. This particular holiday has been a difficult one for my family since Anna was three. We didn’t know then that Anna had autism and any social occasion was hard for her. Add darkness and scary masks and she was terrified of Halloween. She stayed with my mom every year until just a few years ago, when she was able to logically and emotionally process the day for the fun it’s supposed to be. But at that point, Dominic was suffering from frequent fevers. He has been sick for the last two Halloweens. This year he got sick the weekend before Halloween and I thought “not again” but his fever broke the day before, so he was able to trick or treat. Yay! But he paid dearly for it when the fever returned the next morning due to a secondary infection of pneumonia. And wouldn’t you know that Anna got sick this week and missed the first half of the school week. My poor kids. Geesh!

This year I was totally surprised and thrilled when Jenny showed up to join us for trick-or-treating. All three of my children, together… it was wonderful! Dominic was a zombie hunter, Anna was Cleopatra, and Jenny was a zombie. The community center was having a Trunk or Treat event which we’d never tried, so we headed there first. Anna was pretty overwhelmed and moving very slowly but it was fun seeing all of the vehicles decorated. We went door to door after that, Anna taking longer because she was chatting everyone up so much. It was so cute! She got tuckered out early, so we had my mom pick us up. But Daddy, Jenny, and Dominic hit up every house between the community center and home… wow, that was a lot of candy! Enjoy the photos!

To see how Valerie views Back to School, visit her blog here. Thanks for looking!

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