Sky Perspectives

Whenever I look out of my back window and see a dramatic sky, I always grab my camera. There are only so many sunrises and sunsets that are worth sharing, however, so I don’t post those photos very often.

But last week, we had some rain (remember my P52 photo of the bushes with raindrops on them?) that compelled me to pick up my camera several times… a storm, a gentle rainfall with a surprise rainbow, and a gorgeous sunrise at the beginning of this week. All three of these photos were taken on different days, at different times, with different lenses, but from the same location on my deck. I thought it was kinda cool, especially since I planned none of these shots.

After school… a pretty blue sky with puffy white clouds dominated the sky, when all of a sudden a storm blew through. It happened so quickly and was quite dramatic… the wind was whipping the tree branches all about and the sky was a weird yellow-gray color. I was struck with the difference between the storm clouds and the rest of the sky.

Austin landscape nature photographer storm sky rain clouds

It had been drizzling all day when Anna yelled, “A rainbow!” Sure enough, out back there was a beautiful rainbow, the largest I think I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t until I uploaded the images and started editing, that I noticed a hint of a second rainbow above the first.

Austin landscape nature photographer storm sky rain clouds rainbow

And the last photo, the kids had just left for school when I noticed an orange glow on the curtains. I literally gasped when I opened the curtains to discover this sunrise greeting me. The rise in the tree line correlates to the the same rise in the trees where the rainbow ends on the right in the above image.

Austin landscape nature photographer sky clouds sunrise

How amazing that all three of these link together so well without any conscious effort on my part. There is no doubt a force greater than me had a hand in these. Thanks for looking.

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