“The Way I View”, A Clickin Moms 12-Month Challenge: September ~ Back to School

I’m participating in a fun 12-month challenge at Clickin Moms called “The Way I View”. Each month a group of 12 CM photographers interpret that month’s theme through photographs, then link to each other’s blogs.

September’s theme is The Way I View: Back to School. For the first time EVER, Anna and Dominic have had a successful first month of school. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but I think I can finally exhale. I won’t even go into previous years because it’s just too depressing and dramatic. BUT…. but this year? It’s been divine!

I got a call from Dominic’s principal at the end of the second week and I had that sinking feeling… starting with recognizing the incoming phone number. “Mrs. Thompson, I have Dominic here in my office.” A thousand thoughts flew through my head. What did he do this time? Last year was so rough, I can’t do this again. “He’s here for a positive office referral.” WHAT??? Really??? I literally started crying. He had made a series of good decisions and demonstrated mature behavior when faced with a frustrating situation. I was so proud of him that I hugged him for about 20 minutes when he got home. We took him out to eat that night to celebrate.

Anna is with a new teacher this year but in the same, self-contained FAC (functional academic classroom) class. Her reports so far this year are nothing short of amazing! She is learning, applying previous learning, applying logic, reading well, the list goes on and on. I got a note from her teacher just last week saying that Anna earned a Dino Award and was going to receive it in front of the school on Friday. She was recognized in front of the whole school! Her award stated “Anna Thompson earns this Dino Pride Award for being engaged in all of her classes and having quality work.” I totally screamed for her when her name was read!

I am so proud of my children. They have worked SO hard and have truly earned these recognitions. <3<3<3

Dominic on the first day of 3rd grade. He wore all black and red, so cute!

Austin child lifestyle photographer school

To see how Valerie views Back to School, visit her blog here. Thanks for looking!

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