Thoughtful Thursday: Life Happens

I love doing Thoughtful Thursday posts because I love to write. But I allow way too much time to pass between these entries (has it been over a year? yikes) and I don’t know why… except to say that Life Happens. But today I NEED to write. I’ve talked before how it’s my therapy, along with photography, and there is a lot of Life Happening right now.

Remember Renee? I first introduced her here in the summer of 2011 with her Chemo Chronicles post. She was battling Stage IV metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her bones, lungs, and lymph nodes. That was her second battle with breast cancer, having beat it three years prior and being a person of strong faith, she had no doubt she would beat it again. And she did! Declared NED (no evidence of disease) in November 2011, she became not just a survivor, but a miracle. We did the Sendelbach Family shoot late in the spring and it was such a joy to capture their love for each other. She was thriving!

Renee shared with friends and family this past Saturday a post tilted, “So“… and it did not have good news. There is a mass in her brain. And she is having surgery tomorrow.

All I can do is pray. All I can do is ask you to pray. I can share her story. I reached out to her… an email, a text message, a note on her blog… but it feels so little. What a surreal dream it must all feel. Of course, it makes me think about Debbie too. LIfe Happens.

I’ve been in an introspective state for a couple of months now. To be quite honest, I have been depressed and I have reached out to my doctor for help. I’m starting to see some light at the end of this proverbial tunnel and that is a good thing. It’s a humbling experience to admit depression. I’ve gone through this once before, the summer after Anna was diagnosed with epilepsy. Dominic was just turning one, I was so very tired and scared. I lost my joy. So I recognized it this time. Plus my family pulled me aside and talked to me about it too. I’m so lucky to have them… they are a wonderful support system. My knee surgery didn’t go as planned (surprise, surprise) and my recovery has been rough. I’m getting there, but it’s been a fight… a painful, slow fight.

The kids started back to school last week and it has been the BEST start ever for both of them. As you know (if you’ve been following Elusive Tranquility for a while), the beginning of the school year has typically been a hard adjustment. Anna is getting the most amazing notes home from her FAC teacher. She has a new teacher this year that is very dedicated to teaching more academics and Anna is blossoming. Dominic’s teacher used to be Jenny’s soccer coach from third grade, can you believe that? He hasn’t gotten in trouble even once, I’m so happy for him.

As I look ahead to the rest of the year, I’m thinking about my health, my family, my friends, and my business. I continue to design cards for my long-term Digital Star Design clients and take a few photography sessions here and there. I will be limiting my availability through the holidays, and still plan to donate a session to a family with special needs or a family touched by cancer. I’m really defining what I love to photograph… and some exciting changes will be coming next year. Thank you to Nannies From the Heart for featuring my site on their blog today. It was such a pleasure working with and photographing Wendy’s children (placement specialist) and Rebecca’s children (president).

So… sigh…so an update, finally! and a plea…

Today is all that matters. Right now. This moment. Your family, your friends. Tell them how much they mean to you, show them you love them. Capture those memories to be cherished for years to come. And pray. Please pray for Renee. Thank you. <3<3<3

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