Project 52 [Twenty-Twelve]: Week 28 ~ Timeless Treasure

The My Four Hens Project 52 theme this week is time. This is a special story and a special time-piece. This pocket watch belonged to my great grandfather who was born in Scotland. He passed it down to my Pappy (my mother’s father) who wanted me to have it upon his death when I was in my late teens. My Pappy never had any sons nor did my mom so the Fraser name is ending with my mom and aunt. When I read the theme this week, I pulled the pocket watch out of its box in my treasure drawer and shared it with Dominic. When I die, he will inherit this special family heirloom. I told him all about my Pappy who served in WWII as a medic. I also told him the story about when I received the watch.

My mom had returned from Ohio after Pappy died and told me that he wanted me to have his pocket watch. She shared that she remembered getting to play with it when she was a child but not for very long since it was so special. I held it in my hands, turning it over, running my fingers over the engraving on the outside. I opened it and thought of all the places it had been opened and the time it had marked. Mom said that it hadn’t worked in years. I closed it, clutched it in my hands tightly, and whispered, “I’ll take good care of it, Pappy.” When I sat it down on my coffee table a short while later, it started ticking. I’m not kidding, even my mom noticed. I felt a chill, I felt his presence. He was there at that moment.

Several hours later, the pocket watch stopped ticking. I told my mom that it had stopped and she asked the time… and the time was the same as when Pappy had passed away. It was very spiritual and surreal.

Dominic was in awe as I told this story, realizing that he will inherit this timeless treasure. Here he is holding Pappy’s pocket watch. I still miss him. I wish he could’ve met his great-granchildren.

Austin photographer pocket watch heirloom treasure antique

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