Project 52 [Twenty-Twelve]: Week 16 ~ Perspective and Joy

The My Four Hens Project 52 theme this week is perspective. I had a client session this week with the sweetest, most beautiful children. The boy, Alex, is an expert on insects and was delighted to discover that the field in which we were shooting was home to hundreds of caterpillars. His little sister found this one, which they thought was a tomato plant caterpillar (even though there were no tomato plants around!) and it was the largest caterpillar I’ve ever seen. It’s skin was so soft, it felt like newborn skin. And it had one single horn-like protuberance growing from its head. What I love about this image is that you can see the pride and joy in Alex’s face as he holds up his treasure for me to photograph. Children are able to find happiness in the simplest things… it doesn’t take a handheld gaming system or the newest toy… being out in nature, playing in the golden hue of the sunset, and sharing a discovery with a new friend. That is joy.

caterpillar boy Austin macro nature lifestyle child photographer

Thanks for looking! And keep an eye in a couple of weeks for this gorgeous session to be blogged. 😉

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