Happy Halloween!

Dominic came home sick from school on Friday but was feeling better Sunday afternoon, so I had the kids dress up in their Halloween costumes for a few photos. It’s a good thing to, since by Monday night, Dominic was much worse (he ended up going to the pediatrician Tuesday… he has croup caused by the parainfluenza virus) and he could not go trick-or-treating. He was so disappointed. Anna talked up the neighbors though and got extra candy to share with her little brother. Anna was a witch, Dominic was supposed to be Frankenstein, and Jenny joined Anna Monday night as Rosie the Riveter.

Here are the photos from Sunday. Dominic, aka Frankenstein, looking up… how handy to have the ghost in the background!

Frankenstein, coming and going.

Anna was a witch. She looks so pretty in purple! We even found her a matching broomstick!

Both kids together.

Anna trying to scare Dominic, lol. I love how playful they were being!

Dominic gets revenge! I love that she’s out of focus, a bit scared but laughing, and all you can see of Dominic are his Frankenstein arms.

Both kids in front of our ghost. I got such nice smiles and eye contact from Anna throughout this entire session.

A hug? Seriously??? I melt.

LOVE this! His expression is priceless!!!

So here is about the same time, 24 hours later. He was one sick boy.

Jenny was Rosie the Riveter! Don’t you love her makeup?

Anna was leaving a house after knocking on the door and she was so proud of herself for managing the house with the scary music. It was starting to get dark so the rest of the photos have some noise, since I had to crank up my ISO.

She stopped for a quick posed shot but was being VERY silly!

It was very dark now and she got spooked by something. Look at those big eyes! She only managed 2 more houses after this shot.

One last shot of Jenny. It was almost pitch black and I wasn’t sure I would be able to capture any detail. There is lots of grain, I think the ISO was at 3200, but she looks so pretty despite the grain, don’t you think?

Dominic was sick last year at this time, I remember pulling him in the wagon and only letting him TOT at a few houses. I hope next year is healthier and we can go out as a family! Thanks for looking. 🙂

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