Project 52, Week 43

I took Anna out Saturday to attempt my very FIRST silhouette photos! She was the only child of mine willing to help a mom out and she is my special needs kiddo… so her posture is not ideal (she has hypotonia and kyphoscoliosis among many other labels). She did so great! I found a hilly area where I could get lower than her and have mostly sky in the background. She brought along George, one of her treasured baby dolls, so you will see him too. I did a whole series and this was my favorite one (and was the last one) but #2 (the second blue sky one) is a close second. This was so natural for her, she treats her baby dolls like real babies. She LOVES her babies, especially George. <3

I thought I’d share the rest of the series too. They are so pretty!

This is her typical slouch. Cracks me up how Georgie is just hanging there.

I love how she’s looking down at George and you can see through her glasses.

She caught sight of something and pointed at it. This is how her posture looks all.the.time.

Seeing her point gave me the idea to have her pretend to be an airplane. Playful, but her left arm is coming out of her head.


“Anna, stand straight and look at me, pretend you’re going to do a jumping jack!” She never did anything but this pose, but I was so impressed with how straight she got her arms. There is a slight tilt in this one, but I liked it? So I didn’t straighten.

If you’ve never taken a silhouette photo, make sure it’s near sunset, have your subject have only sky behind them, try to get lower than them to get their entire body in frame, just aim at the sky to meter, then shoot! Thanks for looking!

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