Austin ClickinWalk 2011

Clickin’ Moms had their first annual ClickinWalk on Saturday, October 8th. Cities all over the world hosted photowalks and I co-led the Austin walk! We toured South Congress, making stops at the fire station, 10,000 Villages, Jo’s, and the Big Top Candy Store. Can you believe it rained nearly the entire time? Everyone was so kind about it but we got soaked.

As I was driving down the Interstate and had to flick my windshield wipers on for the first time in over 6 months, my stomach dropped. How were we going to manage our photo walk with 8 of us in the rain? I parked and took this shot… see the gray skies? We had intermittent rain so we decided to go ahead with the walk as planned.

We met at Hey Cupcake! but none of bought one. I really want to try one! See the blue sky off to the south? We thought the rain might stop. We were wrong.

Our first stop was the fire station. Of course, none of the guys I had met a few weeks ago were working nor did they have my flyer or know we were coming. Oh well! They were still very nice and let us take tons of photos. We had to hang out there quite a bit longer than planned because of the rain.

Love the everyday feel of the scratched up helmet and worn jacket.

They had this stuffed Dalmatian dog sitting in some old red chairs just inside the window. How cute!

Only one of the firemen was comfortable posing for me. He was so sweet.

Our next stop was Ten Thousand Villages. They were expecting us and were very accommodating to our group. They even took a group photo for us! Here I captured Chelsea taking a photo.

More photos from Ten Thousand Villages. This was a hand-carved card.

This is a dragon kite… I love the colors!

These hand-made dolls remind me of worry dolls.

This hand-carved mask is so intricate.

I got this shot of a woven purse and Karen is part of the background bokeh.

Look at this gorgeous scarf!

I scrunched down (not easy with my bad knee!) and got this shot of Randalynn, Chelsea’s friend.

The last shot from Ten Thousand Villages… a tiny, pretty doll.

The outside of The Continental Club. The skies were so stormy looking!

Chelsea was kind enough to pose under the famous “i love you so much” graffiti at Jo’s. Isn’t she a doll?

The corner of the San Jose Hotel. The grounds here are so pretty but they have a strict no-photographer policy to protect the guests’ privacy.

A view of the upper part of the San Jose Hotel. It looks so old-fashioned!

The Chia Cow… it’s part of the CowParade Austin project.

The Blazing Bovine… it’s part of the CowParade Austin project.

A storefront window featuring gorgeous works of skeletal art.

A storefront window featuring gorgeous works of skeletal art. I wish I had caught the name of this place!

The famous Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds costume shop.

I made Karen pose in a doorway for us. 🙂

Another Karen doorway pose. 🙂

Because of the rain, it got dark rather quickly after 7. I love the way the lights reflect on the wet streets.

More lights reflecting in puddles.

My very first (and very poor) attempt at panning with a slow shutter speed.

The obligatory run-in-the-middle-of-the-intersection-to-take-a-photo shot.

I caught Joyce adjusting settings in the rapidly declining light.

I think this was a window display at Uncommon Objects? It was next door to the candy store and all of us photographers thought THIS was the candy! Love those vintage cameras!

The Big Top Candy Shop.

The Big Top Candy Shop. “Open ‘Til We Close”… love it!

The Big Top Candy Shop. Joyce found some lollipop props.

The Big Top Candy Shop. The fun colors grabbed me.

We finished up across from the fire station where it all began. All in all, it went well. I wish the rain would’ve held off a couple of hours, but we had fun!

Thanks for looking!

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