Project 52, week 38

Anna has been more emotional than usual. Daily meltdowns after dinner are now the norm these days. We saw her neuro last week and got the results of her sleep study. The EEG results are not back yet. The sleep study showed 2 central apneas (those are brain-based cessation of breathing events) and 20 hypopneas (those are muscle-based shallow breathing events) and 0 obstructive apneas. So no real explanation for her daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Those results were mild. The neuro wants us to follow up with the endo, the ENT, and maybe a sleep doctor. Plus we are trying a lower dose of her Abilify to see if she’ll wake up more during the day… hence the more emotional Anna. So far, no difference except for the behavior. I sent him an email asking if the EEG results are back yet as well as asking about her meds and touching base about the other docs.

I also had a run in with Anna’s new resource teacher this week. She keeps sending this reading homework home that is too hard and I’ve sent two notes about it. Finally, instead of telling Anna what to fill in on the reading comprehension sheet, I just had her leave parts of it blank. Well that got LATE written all over her homework in red (btw, I have a thing about teachers writing to me in red ink… I find it patronizing). So I sent an email and note asking for a conference. She called me this morning (while I was sitting at the rheumatologist’s office and this is a whole other side story) and the teacher was oppositional with me… “Is this about her LATE homework???” “No,” I said, “this is about her homework in general.” She was very resistant to meeting in person but I knew that we would avoid the conflict better in person so I insisted. We met at 11:30 and I discovered that she is “required” to have Anna attempt some grade level work. But she has just finished testing Anna and has discovered that Anna is reading fluently at only a 1st grade level… well no wonder the 4th grade homework is too hard! Duh! Grrr. I got her to reduce the hard homework to a 3rd grade level with some modifications on the comprehension page. She has not contacted Anna’s old Resource teacher yet who worked with her the past 4 years. It seems like this teacher has her way of working and expects the kids to adapt to her. I agree to an extent as long as Anna doesn’t get too frustrated to try. I reassured the teacher that I’m here to support her as she works with Anna, so I hope that we’re on the same page moving forward. I’m glad she was able to meet with me.

Anyway, I took the kids to the park on Sunday to escape the tension at home and just have fun with the kids for a little while. Anna has always loved to swing and she still does. This isn’t the best photo ever, but she is happy here and I love seeing her happy. That’s what life is all about. <3

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