Anna’s endocrinology update

Back in May, Anna was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and low vitamin D. We recently had her labs drawn and visited with the endocrinologist to see if her levels had improved. I suspected that there wouldn’t be much change because she is still sleeping nearly 12 hours every night and sometimes takes a nap during the day too! Definitely not normal behavior. And her weight has continued to increase. So can you guess what her labs said?

TSH and T4 levels = NORMAL.

What the heck? Her vitamin D has improved a little but is still in the low range so we’ve added a multi-vitamin to her daily assortment of pills and suspensions. I’m very happy that her TSH is now within normal limits but why is she still so tired? Something is wrong. The endo is wondering if she is having sleep apnea (something that I have too) and I’m wondering if she is having unseen seizure activity. After a little bit of juggling, we have a 24-hour VEEG and sleep study scheduled for August 29th. She did have one done when she was four… look at my sweet baby. She was very brave.

So she will miss two days of school the week after it starts and I’m just hoping that she can tolerate it without it causing nightmares and that it gives us some answers… though I do hope she is not having seizures. Hitting the 2-year mark of being seizure-free last month felt really, really good and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable sleeping with my husband instead of Anna. I don’t think she could wear a CPAP mask either (I couldn’t do it, so I try to sleep on my side). Time will tell. A 10-year old should have oodles of energy though, we just have to figure out what is going on.

Did I mention that she is not hearing well again too? Sigh. It seems like she is slowly deteriorating and no one is noticing. I’m calling the ENT again to schedule another hearing test. It’s been just over a year since she got the tubes put in.

I have some new things going on with my health too, but that is for another post after I hear back from my rheumatologist. Gentle hugs for everyone.

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