Project 52, week 26

It got to be late afternoon and I took a quick look through the photos I downloaded this week. I discovered some of my best and favorite work… the macro photos I took of the dandelion and flowers earlier this week and my first couple of client sessions… a neighbor and a newborn. But I already shared the macro work and I want to wait to share my client photos (hopefully soon!) so that left me with… nothin’! So I lugged my camera to the rec center with Anna and got some okay shots, then I tried again with Anna at bedtime. It ended up being Charlie that won me over with a quick snap with my macro lens. We were in Anna’s room, hence the pink glow. 🙂

Warning, a bit of whining ahead! Curtis has been sick all week, my mom has been out of town, and I’ve not had a good night’s sleep in several nights. Now Dominic is sick too, it looks like strep throat. We’re supposed to go out of town on Monday for the first family vacation in 2 years and I’m not sure we’re going to make it. I’m not ready, that’s for sure. But I made it through the first month of summer and Anna is happy and stable overall. That is a very good thing. And I had my first client sessions since launching the business and that was a big milestone too. Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

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