Project 52, week 25

It’s always an exciting week when you get new glass. I welcomed a 60mm macro lens to my collection this week and have had so much fun playing! Today I shot a tiny lizard on the front porch of a friend’s house. I love the detail and bokeh.

I also finished up all of the requirements to make my photography business legal and insured as well as put together some pricing and other information. I’m only going to accept a few sessions a month at this point and I’m excited to pour all of my heart and soul into them like I do everything else.

The kids have had a good week overall. Daddy was out of town all week and got back yesterday. We missed him. Jenny was a huge help and she has an interview at Target next week. Good luck, sweetie! I found a caregiver today, woot! Her name is Erica and I’m sure she’ll be showing up in photos before too long. She is a student at UTSA studying special education and I really like how she connected with Anna. She starts Monday! I found out that I have some nodules on my thyroid gland (most likely benign) and that is probably contributing to my thyroid issues. I got another 50cc of fluid drained from knee (to put that in perspective, I had 20cc drained last week… it was really swollen this week) and I have an appointment with a highly recommended rheumatologist next week. All in all, busy but good.

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