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This week on i heart faces we celebrate motherhood. I decided to go a bit untraditional with this and talk about my daughter, Anna, who is 10 and has autism. She never played with toys as a toddler or preschooler. It wasn’t until she was 5 that she started showing an interest in baby dolls. That was when she got George, a very realistic looking baby doll. Over the years, we’ve added a sister for George named Audrey. These dolls go everywhere with her. She buys them real baby clothes from Goodwill and has a stroller for them as well as toys and diapers. Last year, she discovered baby reborn dolls and became obsessed. She would watch YouTube videos about them, look them up on eBay, and talk about them all the time.

What is a baby reborn? It is an incredible detailed sculpt of a realistic looking baby which is hand-painted, filled with heavy tiny glass pellets to make it about the weight of a newborn, then mohair is micro-rooted one to two strands at a time to look and feel like real hair. Baby reborn dolls are collector’s items and are incredibly beautiful.

I bet you can guess what she asked Santa for, right?

I think this photo really conveys the wonder and magic that was brought to Anna on Christmas morning by Santa. Santa brought her baby Zachary. Weighing 4 pounds, 4 ounces, Zachary is 18 inches long and came with a magnetic pacifier and bottles of milk, formula, and apple juice. Anna has been entranced with him every day since. She is a very good mommy to him, checking his diaper, changing his clothes, taking him for walks, singing to him, and putting him down for naps. She treats him like a real baby and is so careful with him.

What pleases me so much about her interest in baby dolls is that they teach her important skills about life and love. And as her mom, I couldn’t be more proud.

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