My search for meaning

After talking with Debbie Tuesday morning and feeling so very lost and scared for her, I pushed away from my computer Wednesday and went for a drive. I ended up at Mayfield Park, a place I’ve been to once before when Dominic was one (and the only time I’ve had a professional photographer take our family’s photos). I remembered it being beautiful and peaceful and I remembered it accurately… it was just what I needed at that moment. I got lost in my viewfinder for an hour or so and found some beauty.

This archway begs for a couple to stand under it, doesn’t it?

This bench is very inviting. I wished for a moment to sit with her here and just chat about nothing.

There were peacocks everywhere and they were quite tame. This one was resting in the grass. He let me approach him pretty closely, but I had my 85mm lens so I didn’t have to get super close. What a gorgeous creature! I love that his long tail of feathers is part of the bokeh and the curve of his neck is matched by a curve in color in his tail feathers.

He got up eventually.

And he jumped up on this wall. I’m particularly fond of the composition in this one.

Who knew how fringe-y peacock feathers were? A close-up view of this peacock sitting on the wall.

The same peacock running across the wall. I love the motion I captured, the angle, the bokeh… so cool!

A different peacock was sitting in a tree grooming himself. I’ve never seen anything like this before!

The last photo is from the peacock in the tree, with me looking up under him and his tail feathers framed against the leaves. Wow.

Thanks for looking. I miss you, Deb.

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