My very first newborn session

We have the best neighbors.

When I found out our very sweet neighbors were having a baby, I asked if I could photograph her. These are the neighbors that allowed me to take their Christmas card photo and their little girl likes to play with Anna. The whole family is so kind to Anna and treats her like a typical child, so they have a very special place in my heart. I was thrilled when they agreed to let me do a newborn shoot once the baby was born. But Baby L decided to come a month early so we waited until a week past her due date to take the photos.

I studied for over a month to prepare for this, my first newborn session. I bought a copy of Newborns in Dreamland for mom and dad to look at while we set up, I had a space heater going (and oy! the room was HOT!), a heating pad underneath a waterproof pad underneath the blankets, I bought a beanbag and some simple studio lights but ended up not using any of them, hand sanitizer, towels, wipes, props… the whole nine yards! I was ready! It’s been years since I’ve held a newborn but there was no reason to worry. Baby L was a dream… she slept the entire time only needing to nurse once. We spent just over three hours together and I got some beautiful images for mom and dad to treasure. They aren’t perfect, I still have a lot to learn, but my studying encompassed extensive pre- and  post-processing techniques including using natural light, posing, positioning, skin tones, removing red blotches, achieving creamy skin, and so much more. I found posing to be much harder than it looks!

Thanks for sharing my wonderful experience! I would definitely do this again.

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