My Top 10 for 2010

I’ve spent the last hour going through my Flickr set of 365 photos for 2010. I marked 20 photos as faves then narrowed it down to these ten. In no particular order…

I love this one because it reminds me of my Nanny who passed away many years ago. She loved butterflies and every time I see one, I think of her. This one fluttered about my head and beckoned me to follow so I did. I am so glad that I had my zoom lens on my camera that day.


This one I took of Dominic sitting in the bluebonnets in the spring. I love the bokeh in this shot, the pure exuberance evident on Dominic’s face, and the slight vintage touch I added in post.


Jenny is so pretty! She often gets compliments on her eyes and I got this shot really showing off those baby blues. I like the focus and DOF on this shot too.


There were several things I invested in this year that made a big difference in my photography. The first was paying for a membership to Clickin’ Moms. This is a forum with over 8000 members, most of them moms, who share a passion for photography. It was on this forum that I took a class to learn how shoot manually and really took my photos to the next level. They also offer creativity challenges and this photo is from the “Photographer in the Frame” challenge where you put the viewer in photographer’s perspective. This photo was featured on the Clickin’ Moms blog and now graces their home splash page too!

This is one of my favorites this year because I have very few photos of Anna looking directly at me and even fewer without her glasses on. I had to use a really high ISO on this one because it was dark in her room so it turned out really grainy. But because Anna’s been wearing glasses since she was 11 months old and because her autism makes it hard to make eye contact, this photo will always have a special place in my heart.


I love this photo of Charlie for three reasons…
1) It is the first photo I took with my new (used from Craigslist) Nikon D300 camera.
2) I love his expression, the processing, and how his coat turned out looking.
3) It made Pioneer Woman’s Group One for the 4-legged friend challenge. (PW has a huge following and to get chosen to be on her blog is a big deal!)


I was just finishing up RYC101, learning to shoot in manual mode and I got this shot of Town Lake in downtown Austin. I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve used it for their desktop background!


Another very genuine smile with great eye contact photo of Anna. This was very unposed and spontaneous and it is definitely one of my favorites!


This shot of Jenny was taken in the cafeteria of her high school where an arts and crafts show was happening. Santa (just barely visible behind her on the left) was visiting and posing for photos ops so we took Dominic and Anna to see him. I’m so pleased that I got this shot of Jenny while we were there, it’s such a great photo of her!


And finally, I *super puffy heart* this picture of Dominic. He had looked up to see an airplane going overhead (I wonder when little boys outgrow this fascination?) and I caught the wonder on his face. I adore this boy!


I will be continuing to take photos quite frequently and I’ve committed to Project 52 this year so I’ll be posting once a week. I’ll probably end up using this blog for it for a bit, though I do have some exciting changes coming soon. Thank you all for following and commenting… getting feedback along the way has been icing on the cake of this project!

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