Day 355

I haven’t done a creativity challenge for Clickin’ Moms in quite a while but this one really caught me… Creativity Challenge #7: Off with their heads! “One of the first things to draw the viewer’s eye in any given image is the human face. For this exercise, your image has to draw the viewer in in other ways. Present a portrait of a person that EXCLUDES the head. Cut off should be no higher than the neck, no lower than the waist. Do your best to include some clues in the image that tell us something about the subject’s personality (even though we can’t see his/her face), tell a story, etc.”

So I caught Anna in her typical stance. She often stands like this, with her hands on her hips. She gets distracted by the simplest things. Today she was watching SpongeBob on TV while standing in the living room. She was so still that I got enchanted by her for a moment… watching her absorption in the show. Then I noticed the friendship bracelet on her wrist. Jenny made it for her a few days ago. In fact, Jenny made matching bracelets for herself, Anna, and Dominic to wear. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? This seemed like the perfect thing to capture for this challenge.


Thanks for looking!

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