Jenny was home this weekend and mentioned that I haven’t written anything personal on my personal blog in quite a while. Um, yup… busted! That is so very true. With the photography-induced passion setting its claws in me as well as the increase in digital scrapbooking commitments, my blog has become more of a show-off and buy-me type of place. I’m really sorry about that.

Today Curtis and I went to see our marriage counselor. We’re not in a bad place right now but we’re not in a good place either. We want to be in a good place, so we are ready to do some work again. We had a really interesting session where our therapist brought up a couple of books by Julia Cameron… The Artist’s Way and Walking in the World. They are about living a more purposeful, spiritual, present, and creative life in the everyday, day-to-day world. We have quite a bit of homework including some “artist’s dates” with each other and by ourselves. I’m really looking forward to starting this journey to keep chasing down some balance in my life as well as that ever elusive tranquility. I’m even thinking about starting a weekly project for this next year that will include photography, writing, and digital art… and I’m even flirting with the idea of inviting others to join me in an online community type of format. I wonder if anyone would be interested?

So onto the updates!

Jenny is going through a rough spot including true misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and wicked homesickness. Sweetheart, I love you, I believe in you, I’m proud of you and how you are handling your life. Chin up, ‘k? My mom has been very sick for the last four days. It’s been years since she was down like this. Poor baby. I have an online friend battling cancer and another who found a lump today on a mammogram. My SIL’s ex had a stroke on Sunday, our nephew is devastated. Any prayers for all of them you could spare would be much appreciated.

The kids are doing well right now, knock on wood. Anna and Dominic have had mostly good weeks at school for the last week+ and after nearly a month of bad days for Pickle, the respite is so very welcome. Curtis had an incredible trip to India with many adventures, including riding an elephant bareback! He is committed to finding more joy in his everyday life now too. As for me, I’m doing okay… a bit overwhelmed and maybe a tiny bit overcommitted (insert heavy sarcasm!), but I always love having too much to do. It makes my whacked type-A personality a happy girl. I’ve been having some right knee pain and saw my ortho today for a follow-up from the MRI I had last week. (I had surgery on my left knee three years ago to trim out a mensical tear and to have a microfracture done on the patella where they poke holes in the back of the kneecap to create artificial cartilage). He said my right knee would need attention within 5 years and we are getting there. The arthritis went from mild to severe and the joint is full of fluid, it’s really tight, with a lot of pain and pressure. I also have a cyst that’s formed because of the swelling and a lesion in the femur that is benign. Oy! So today I got two injections in my knee, cortisone and a lubricant. Ouch! Hopefully that will relieve some of the discomfort for a few months but I might be facing a partial knee replacement next year. 🙁

I am coming up on a busy season, like everyone else. Siggies, holiday cards, and layouts will be taking up all of my spare time through the end of the year. I’ve so enjoyed doing Project-365 and have learned so much and captured (almost!) an entire year of memories. For anyone thinking of doing this, it has taken me at least an hour a day of committed time every single day to take the photo(s), download, edit, and post them. But I’m really glad I did it.

Remember that almost everything in your worry bucket is trivial. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, someone will always be there to help you when you stumble. Don’t be consumed by petty things, don’t let drama take over your normally sweet personality, stay true to yourself, and love love love your family and friends. I love all of you!

Do you like the new blog? I love Lily Designs and she had this template pre-made with her new kit, Winter Walk. It seemed perfect for me.

Man, I cannot write a short post for the life of me!

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