Day 316

This was one of the most perfect days I’ve had in a long time. I woke up to two pieces of good news… 1) (and this is HUGE!!!) I was accepted to the Art Crew at 9th & Bloom!!! This digital scrapbooking store houses my favorite designers and has some of the industry’s best scrappers on board. It is an incredible honor to be on the site CT here and I am singing with happiness! 2) The second piece of happy news this morning was that the “Dreaming of Christmas” layout I did yesterday with AnnaBV’s new kit, Letter to Santa, was featured on ScrapOrchard’s Facebook page! Woot!

But the day didn’t end there! I got a new pair of glasses, my first in years. It’s so nice to see well after I take my contacts out. THEN, right after I got home from my eye exam, the doorbell rings and there is a bunch of flowers being delivered to me. What?! They are from my mom and the card says, “Blooms for the newest 9th & Bloom Creative Team star. Love, M.” OMG, I got so choked up. How lucky am I to have a mom that “gets” what a big deal this is? Thank you so much, Mom!!! I love you! Aren’t the flowers exquisite???

But there’s MORE! I picked up the kids and guess what?!?!?!?!

Dominic got a BLUE day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST possible behavior mark to get! I am so stinkin’ proud of him!!! I also got a note from his teacher about what a good day he had. You all have NO idea how happy I am about this and what relief I feel in my mommy soul to see him proud of a good day. Gah, I’m all teary-eyed!

But the day doesn’t end there either! About an hour after the kids are home, my cell phone rings and it’s the local camera shop. They have my new (used) D300 cleaned and ready to pick up. I nervously ask about what they found. Guess what? (A little backstory… I bought this camera from Craigslist last week and the guy was vague about its history and once I got it home, realized the box said “reconditioned product” and I had that horrible sinking feeling that I’d been scammed. I was so embarrassed about it that I couldn’t even celebrate the purchase.) The camera checks out great! It’s in perfect condition! Woot!!! So now I can really relax and enjoy my new camera, I can scrap with my favorite designers and their products, I can relax a little about Dominic, and I can enjoy my bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

What a freakin’ good day. I sure needed it!


Thanks for looking and celebrating with me!!!

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