Day 296

You are looking at $500 feet. Yup, that’s right! I was noticing that Anna’s cheapie tennis shoes from Payless were already looking worse from wear after two months. She had some inserts (faux orthotics) from a speciality children’s shoe store in them but her right foot was pronating so badly, she was nearly walking on the side of her shoe. So I took her to real pedorthotist today to get custom-made orthotics. The process took about 30 minutes and she was awesome. She got two pairs of orthotics, one treatment pair and one maintenance pair. Over the next three weeks, she will wear the treatment pair one hour a day, increasing another hour each day until she is comfortable in them all the time. The maintenance pair is for the off-time. These orthotics are guaranteed for her entire lifetime which is why I decided to shell out the $400 for them. Whenever she grows, she gets a new pair free of charge. I also invested in a really good pair of tennis shoes since that is all she wears on her feet. I’ve never spent $100 for a pair of shoes for myself let alone for one of my kids, but her posture has gotten so bad as well as her pronation, it’s a very smart investment. I was noticing some oddly placed calluses on her feet also. Already I can see a difference in her feet and her posture with the new orthotics and shoes. I hope this helps with her knee and back pain too.


Thanks for looking!

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