May I toot my horn a little? *blush*

I joined a fantastic paid membership photography forum this spring called Clickin’ Moms. Before CM, I was using the P mode on my Nikon D40. I took their Rock Your Camera 101 class in August and ever since, I’ve been shooting in manual mode. In September they introduced Creativity Challenges. The first challenge was called “Photographer in the Frame” and the second challenge was “Shooting Indirectly.” I just found out that two of my photos were chosen today (along with some other fantastic photos from other members) for their blog entry about the reflections challenge! Last month, one of mine was chosen to be featured on the blog for the first challenge. Also, CM recently had a candid photography contest in which I won second place! (I should be getting a Starbucks gift card and some other goodies in the mail soon.) I wanted to share my photos and excitement… and encourage anyone with a love of photography to join this incredible forum.

Images are clickable to see them larger.

Photographer in the Frame challenge:

Shooting Indirectly challenge:


Candid photo of Anna that won 2nd place:

I’m not really comfortable with tooting my own horn, but I’m so happy with how much I’ve learned. I can’t wait to continue to grow my skills and I’m excited that there is still so much to learn! You can check out the Clickin’ Moms blog to whet your appetite. And when you’re ready to join, you can click this link to have me refer you to the forum (SO worth the money!):

Clickin' Moms

Thanks for indulging me, I’m just so tickled!

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