Day 271

Another Tuesday, another doctor’s appointment… our 4th in a row. And yep, next Tuesday, we have another one. Today was the endocrinologist who we have not visited with since late spring. Anna’s weight has steadied which is a good sign that the Risperdal she was on was the culprit. Her prolactin and thyroid levels have also normalized so that’s good too.

Anna was a very good girl for us this morning and she had another decent day at school. I love this photo I got of her in the exam room. She was being a ham which I haven’t seen her do in quite a while. I also did not do hardly any processing or editing on this photo… maybe I’m getting a little better with this photography thing and using manual.

I’m glad I have this photo to look at tonight, because I got an unexpected call from her special ed teacher this afternoon. I’m still dealing and reeling from that but I will write about it soon on Elusive Tranquility.


Thanks for looking!

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