Day 227

At first glance, this is not a very exciting picture. But really it is.

This is my oldest daughter, Jenny’s, entire life in boxes. Ready to move out for college.

She leaves Tuesday.


She is attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi and will be studying environmental science. Wednesday through Friday this week are Aloha Days, a camp for incoming freshman. We’ll be driving down there on Friday with the rest of her belongings to help her move into the dorm. We spent most of the afternoon shopping at Target… shower curtain (and liner and rings), towels, paper towels, cleaning supplies, trash cans, pillows, storage containers, toiletries, dishes, cutlery… so much stuff! And it’s all hers.

I’m so excited for her but already feeling emotional about sending her off. She’ll be leaving on my 41st birthday too. I’m sure Tuesday will be a big day, as will Friday. More to come!


Thanks for looking!

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