Fix-it Friday #66 at i heart faces

This Fix-it Friday photo was submitted by Angie Arthur, an IHF contributor. Look at this gorgeous boy! Oh those eyes! Here is her before:


And here is my edit:

I thought there would be a bunch of gorgeous color edits, especially with those beautiful blue eyes, so I wanted to go black and white with a hint of chocolate.

My workflow, using Photoshop CS4:
~unsharp mask
~convert to b/w, with custom tweaking on each slider
~curves adjustment layer set to screen and inverted, very low opacity (10-30%) brush over eyes, under eyes, and on hair highlights to add more sparkle

Thanks for looking!

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  • Monica - I love your edit! I love how his eyes stand out even in a b&w with a hint of chocolate edit 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Angies Photos, Blogs, etc. - Very nice edit!! How are you converting to B&W? An action or desaturation? The curves adjustment layer is great, I need to do that in the future! I wonder if you would be able to use that crop for a large print… I guess that would depend on the original file size.?ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Jones - love it :)! the eyes really popReplyCancel

  • ~Holly - Hi Angie, thank you for the nice comment. I didn't use an action for this b/w… I just used the b/w adjustment layer and played with the sliders until I liked the effect. Then I added a new layer, filled it with a warm brown and changed the blend mode to color. I think you're right about the original size in terms of cropping and printing. I kept the same size dimensions when cropped, just changed the orientation.

    Thank you to Monica and Alicia too!ReplyCancel

  • - Ditto Alicia's comment. Those eyes… great job!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Beautiful edit! It's perfect!ReplyCancel

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