Day 142

Monday marks our 13th anniversary. To celebrate, Curtis and I went out on a real date tonight, Saturday night, just like real grown-ups. There is a new cinema in town called Gold Class where they have luxury recliners and private waiters as well as gourmet food. It was ridiculously overpriced but since we only go out like this about once a year, it was totally worth it. We saw Iron Man 2 and the entire experience was amazing. I didn’t want to be that tacky woman taking pictures in the theater so I had to snap this shot of the theater’s bathroom… so upscale, yes? We were greeted at the front desk, they pulled up our reservation and then sat us in their swanky lobby. We ordered cocktails then were escorted to our seats. The entire theater only has about 50 seats and your dinner is served to you during the movie. If you need anything at all, including a pillow and blanket, you simply hit a little button and someone appears instantly. I fully reclined in my comfy chair and found myself dozing off… almost a little comfortable! Ha! Thanks to my mom for babysitting and thanks to my husband for a wonderful evening.


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