Jenny was baptized today!

For the four people who haven’t seen my Facebook updates today, lol, Jenny was baptized this morning. It was an amazing day. I’ve always felt that religion and spirituality is an intensely personal experience and therefore I haven’t pushed my beliefs onto Jenny. I wanted to expose her to different religions and let her decide what felt right to her. I remember a Buddist phase in her early teen years and Curtis took her to his church in the last couple of years. But it was her boyfriend, Chris, and his family that brought her to Gateway and introduced her to youth group. I have seen such a dramtic change in Jenny recently… a sense of coming home and inner peace. It’s lovely. Here are some pictures from the baptism, thank you for sharing this with us.

Jenny was so happy today!

This is Sledge, Jenny’s youth group pastor, with whom she has formed a very special relationship. You can so see the connection in this photo.

My favorite shot of the day. So powerful in prayer.

The best picture I’ve ever taken! Jenny is completely submerged… you can see the water completing covering her face and body. This was snapped just before she emerges from the water. It truly symbolizes the cleansing of the soul and the rebirth of Jenny as a Child of God.

Check out Sledge’s fist pump! He is so stoked!

Pure joy and love.

Look at that purity, so much love.

Jenny had so many friends show up for her baptism. I am so proud to be her mom!!!

Thanks for looking!

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