This morning the children’s hospital called asking that I bring Anna back in for another blood draw. Apparently they outsourced some of Anna’s bloodwork from the February MRI visit and they are missing a cortisol level. After our visit with the geneticist last week, I called the endocrinologist twice to find out what the “highly abnormal” blood test results were and they kept saying they were waiting on one more test to come back. I guess it was never drawn or the results were lost, I’m not sure. So I have to make Anna fast tomorrow morning and take her in for another blood draw. Ugh, poor thing. She gets nearly hysterical and I hate putting her through that. Well at least we can get the genetic blood tests done now instead of in April… I have the orders for the Fragile X DNA test and the fibrillin DNA test so I’ll take those in with me. I wonder how long we’re going to have to wait on the cortisol and the genetic results. The endo doesn’t want to talk to me until she has “the whole picture”…

I also received a call this afternoon from the assistant principal at the elementary school. Anna had a meltdown in math resource and Mrs. C had to intervene. When she got to the classroom, Anna was lying prone on the floor and there were books and papers strewn about the room. The other students had to be removed. Anna refused to go to the processing room, so Mrs. C took her to the office. She had to have a timeout but kept having to have it restarted for getting up. She kicked Mrs. C 5 times in the shin, hard enough to bruise. She was calling the staff and students “stupid” and being mean, belligerent, non-compliant, and hostile. Sigh. What is going on with her?

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