Day 67

I didn’t take a picture yesterday… I was feeling kind of blue. But that is life, right? Some days the to-do list needs to get ignored.

Yet another visit to the doctor this morning. Anna just had strep throat a couple of weeks ago. She came down with a cold over the weekend that turned into an earache. Luckily we got in to see the doc before her ear got infected so some ear drops ought to do the trick. She’s such a trooper these days at the pediatrician’s office. We’ve been seeing Dr. G since Jenny was a baby and he still has the same nurses and staff. He is wonderful!!! I can so vividly remember him visiting me at the hospital after Dominic was born. Since we didn’t know what was causing Anna’s delays (at the time I got pregnant with Dominic, Anna had not had her first seizure yet and she wasn’t yet diagnosed with autism), I was worried about Dominic and the possibility of problems with him. Dr. G was so reassuring and said our sweet boy had no signs of hypotonia at birth. I was so grateful that he would take the time to visit me… those first few days I was able to relax and just enjoy my new baby.

Here’s to Dr. G!


Thanks for looking!

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