Happy 9th Birthday to my sweet Booski, Anna!

Today my baby girl turns nine years old. To be honest, there were times between ages three and five where I didn’t think she’d survive this long. She is such a fighter and has gotten so much stronger. I truly love her with a part of me I didn’t know existed. There is a fierce protectiveness, a pride when she accomplishes something she’s been working so hard at, a wonder and joy at the everyday seen in a new way… she has made me grow as a parent and a person. And I am so thankful.

Happy Birthday, Anna! Nine things that I love about you are:
1. I love the way you call a cheeseburger a “cheese-hamburger” and that it is your favorite food.
2. I love the way you laugh at America’s Funniest Home Videos like it’s brand new even when you’ve seen an episode a dozen times.
3. I love the way you love babies, the same way I do.
4. I love the way you get concerned about your sister or brother if they don’t feel well.
5. I love funny words (a game we play where we substitute potty words for real words in common songs).
6. I love waking up to feel you spooned up against me even though I put a pillow in between us.*
7. I love that you trust me so completely that when I ask you to do something that is scary to you, you do it anyway and are brave about it.
8. I love hearing you read a book, working so so hard to make sense of the words, and figuring it out.
9. I love YOU, for who you are.

*I sleep with Anna because of her seizures. She doesn’t have them frequently, but they often occur in the middle of the night with no warning and she turns to her right and ends up with her face in a pillow. To avoid the risk of suffocation, I sleep with her.

As a newborn… oy, look at that jaundice!


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