Day 57

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted since Thursday… well on Friday, my husband, Curtis, had what we thought was a “cardiac event.” He had chest pain and shortness of breath, so I took him to the ER Friday afternoon. They did a quick EKG and took his blood pressure… the EKG was abnormal and his b/p was 164/104 so they got him to a bed right away and a team of about 4 people surrounded him. A second EKG was performed and that was abnormal also. I was supposed to leave to pick up Anna and Dominic but had to call Jenny and have her leave high school to get them. My mom left work early to help Jenny with the kids and that was a good thing (thank you both so much) because they ended up admitting Curtis to the hospital overnight. It took 3 doses of nitroglycerin and 6 doses of Lopressor to get his chest pain and blood pressure under control.

The ER drew labs to look at his cardiac enzymes. If they were abnormal, then that meant he had a heart attack. If they were good, then they needed to draw them again every 6 hours, 2 more times, to make sure that no heart tissue was damaged. We got up to a private room about 5 hours after getting to the ER.


This is the wing that he was admitted to. Scary stuff. They got him settled and hooked up to a portable EKG. We got word that the first set of enzymes were normal. Whew. I ran home for some overnight supplies, then came back to spend the night in his room. The next two sets of enzymes were also normal so that meant he did not have a heart attack. The next step in the morning was a stress test and echocardiogram to see if any parts of his heart were getting restricted blood flow… this would mean that he had blockages in his arteries and would need an angiogram. Thankfully he passed that also. They discharged him Saturday afternoon with a prescription for high blood pressure medication but no real answers as to what happened. He follows up with an internal medicine doctor on Friday.

Thanks for all of your support this weekend, it was very much appreciated.

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