Test results from the endo

The endocrinologist called finally with Anna’s blood test results and I was sobered by them. Her bone density scan indicates her bone age to be 11 years old (she is actually 8 years, 10 months). Her prolactin and other puberty hormones were elevated as were TSH, insulin, cholesterol and others. Vitamin D was low.

The doctor wants to continue with more tests to further determine how far advanced the precocious puberty is. These tests will include an MRI of her brain to look for structural abnormalities and tumors, an abdominal ultrasound to look at her ovaries and uterus, and more blood tests. She will need to be sedated because of her developmental delays and autism… her anxiety will be through the roof.

I’ll be contacting her neurologist and geneticist to see if this gives us any more clues as to what her underlying diagnosis might be as well as to see if they want any additional tests ordered.

I’m heartsick that she will be facing general anesthesia again. I think she’s been under at least 7 times already and it always a scary endeavor… I think it’s been several years since her last sedation. They will try to do the ultrasound while she’s in recovery. I’ll keep you posted as to when it will be scheduled. We could use your prayers. Thank you.

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  • Devin - You guys are in my thoughts! I hope everything turns out ok.ReplyCancel

  • Mom to Maddie - Oh Holly, I know what you are going through. It's all so tough. I hate the sedation part too. They are trying to book us in for an MRI and with all the other GA's it's hard to do. Did they ever do a CGH/Microarray test? That's a newer test that picked up Maddie's Chromosome syndrome where the FISH and other tests didn't pick it up…
    HUGS…it's all emotional.


  • Carol Askew - Oh Holly – I'm sorry. It's all so scary. I hate the sedation too. ((hugs))ReplyCancel

  • Heather C - Sorry you have to go through the sedation again and I hope you guys can find some answers. Let us know when that all gets scheduled so I can throw some supportive vibes down south to Texas. Hugs.ReplyCancel

  • Jules - I'm sorry to hear this:( I can imagine how difficult it will be for Anna (would hate to put Charlie thro sedation these days..so anxious) but hope you can find out more!
    I'll be vibing from across the pond…!

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