A quickie

I know I haven’t been posting much personal stuff lately. That’s because all of my personal stuff has been extremely challenging and I’ve needed to be introspective. I have a lot of deep stuff that has come out of this process and I’m pretty excited to share some of my thoughts.. but it will have to wait until at least Tuesday when the kids are in school.

So tonight I’m hunting around in my mom’s pantry trying to find the spaghetti when I hear Dominic say, “Mom, Mom!!!” with an edge of panic in his voice. Inwardly rolling my eyes, thinking to myself, “Now what?” I turn around to discover my mom’s ostrich feather duster in Dominic’s hands ablaze in 12-inch flames!

Apparently he’d found the feather duster laying out in the office and decided to dust along his path to the kitchen. I guess he got too close to the pan of boiling water and the gas flame ignited the feathers. Oy. I tossed the duster in the sink and got the fire out quickly but yuck, the stench… Poor Pickle was really dismayed. He struggled mightily not to cry.

Talk to you all soon, I promise.

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