Late start

The holiday season is in full swing but I’m getting quite a late start. We got the tree up yesterday and only had to do two extra runs to Walgreen’s for more lights, lol. It only has 1400 lights, that’s not too many, right? I’ll post pictures after we get the ornaments on it. Dominic was such a little helper. He studied the legend and would tell us what color of tag to look for on the next set of branches (we have a gorgeous artificial tree) and he also helped me with the lights. It was a really nice afternoon yesterday… though I can hardly walk today, I am so sore!

I have not purchased a single gift, nor put together photo books or anything. The kids are only in school this week then they are out until January 5th. I need to do something for the teachers… perhaps a small Target gift card and some homemade brownies. I have sold lots more Christmas cards this year and have been very busy working on those and other things. Life is still in limbo, in transition, in confusion… so blogging (everything) has been difficult. Our marriage counselor will be having a nice Christmas! We’ve been seeing her quite a bit.

Oh, one other thing I’ve been working on is Jenny’s senior page. Jenny’s yearbook offers a full page dedicated to your child (for an outrageous price, of course) so I had to create something myself to submit… I couldn’t just turn my photos over to someone else! Oh the horror! Here is what I came up with (image is linked… select All Sizes, then select Large to see it bigger… credits are on Flickr also):

Jenny's Senior Page for Yearbook (8.25x11)

I’ll be back tomorrow with some Christmas tree pictures and a story about Anna and Christmases past.

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