Oh my goodness! GSO!!!

The layout I did with Chris in his firefighter turnout gear (below) made Gallery Standout at DST today!!! WOOT!

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  • keppler - Congrats — I saw it and put the link on Chris' facebook page. I see that he already sent you thanks…. such a good young man!!ReplyCancel

  • Mom to Maddie - Wow…good job Holly!!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Hi Holly!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I was actually going to delete that post because I am fine now but I needed to vent at that time and had nowhere to go. I voiced my frustrations to Ray and he doesn't want me to quit. I dont want to quit and I doubt I will unless something similar happened in my family like with yours. Other than that, I am going to give my full attention to school and my boys and whatever is left will be for anyone and anything else. The hardest part is time for the boys. I dont want to miss this time in their lives but I was miserable in my field and needed a chance and we will need income again. So I will NOT be quitting!


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