I had my biopsy today. It was a lot more involved and uncomfortable than I thought it would be and I’m quite sore tonight. Because I process my thoughts so much through writing, I’m going to share this experience. I hope none of my women friends ever have to have one of these biopsies and the worry that comes along with it. (And if you are bothered by graphic medical descriptions, then don’t read this post, lol.)

I had a stereotatic core needle biopsy which meant I laid facedown on a table with my left breast dangling through a hole in the table. The breast was compressed like for a mammogram, and oy, did they squeeze that puppy! They had a woman assigned to be with me that was there just for support. She kept a hand on my back, fed me a cough drop (this stupid cough just won’t let up yet), and was generally an all-around dollbaby; I was really grateful for her presence. The tech explained the procedure very well and talked me through the whole thing. The doc came in after I was washed and prepped. He starting injecting the lidocaine and because I was compressed so much, I hardly felt it.

The core needle then gets injected. I heard and felt a pop, felt a lot of pressure, and some pain. They took a scan to ensure correct placement, then began taking samples. I felt the first sample, ouchie, and I wasn’t supposed to, so the doc injected more anesthetic. I had to hold completely still. He took samples in a clockwise direction at 12-2-4-6-8-10. That took about 20 minutes. Then he injected a titanium clip to mark the place of the biopsy. I heard the doc say, “Whoa, that was weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.” I started laughing and said, “Ummm, doc… that is not something a patient wants to hear!” He laughed too and said that the clip came back out with the core needle but got stuck under the skin. So he had to put in a second clip. More scans to check placement, then 10 additional minutes of compression to help with bleeding and swelling.

So I should have results on Friday between 3-5. I’m certain these calcifications will be benign but can I say again? … OUCH!

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