A funny story about Anna

So Anna has had an off week. She’s been difficult at school and a little tough at home. On Wednesday, Anna left her classroom three times. The first time she wandered around in the hallway for awhile before coming back in. The second time she made it to the library and the librarian brought her back. The third time, Anna decided that since they had a field trip that morning (which is probably why she was so off that day… the change in routine) and she hadn’t seen her resource teacher, she would just leave and go see her by herself. On the way, Anna picked up another student, actually left the school building, and went out to the back portable where her resource teacher is housed. She was just determined to do her own thing and no one was stopping her! This is important to understand her state of mind when reading the next little anecdote.

All week, Anna has been perseverating about wanting a wheelchair, I mean like it’s completely taken over her brain. We’ve talked about how she can’t have a wheelchair because she can walk and how they are only for people who need them. She just can’t let it go. It’s the first thing she talks about in the morning, the first thing after school, the last thing before bed, and it even wakes her up in the middle of the night. I don’t understand why her brain does this to her. Yesterday was a particularly bad day at school that included her shoving and hitting other students. When she got home, I only talked about {not} getting a wheelchair once with Anna; then I told her I wouldn’t discuss it anymore. She got so worked up about it that she had a full-out meltdown in her room for 20 minutes. Then she got calmed down and said, “Fine! I just go myself. I go to the doctor’s office and get a wheelchair!” I asked her how was she going to get there? She said, “I will drive the car!” She then stomped away, returning about 5 minutes later with my driver’s license and cash in a ziploc bag saying, “Mommy, I can’t find your keys.” OY VAY!!! She’s only 8 years old! I really think that if she had found my keys and I wasn’t paying attention, she would have attempted to drive the car and you all would be reading about us in the newspaper! She is too much. We all had a good laugh and were impressed with her determination and logic. Thank goodness I still had my car keys in my pocket!

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