Met with school staff about Dominic

Whew, it’s been such a busy week. I met with the Assistant Principal and Dominic’s teacher on Monday to talk about the test results from the child psychologist and strategize on how to best help him be successful in kindergarten. We were prepared for it to be a 504 meeting if it was necessary. To be quite frank, I really didn’t know much about the 504 plan… IEPs are what I’m accustomed to.

It was a very amicable meeting. Dominic’s teacher had lots of positive things to say about him, especially in how much he’s improved in just the first few weeks. His behavior is actually pretty good and the teacher was surprised to hear how much he struggled at preschool and at home. She said that he definitely needs more attention and redirection, but overall follows the rules, is well-mannered, and respectful of her and his peers. He seems to have little control over his body, constantly moving, swinging his arms around, fidgeting, wallering in the floor during circle time, etc., so his peers are fearful that he is going to bump them or hit them. The teacher is going to make a large taped area on the carpet for him so that he has more room when sitting. She lets him get up as often as he needs to and allows him to stand during seated work. We’re going to implement the OT recommendations after he starts therapy (his evaluation is next Tuesday) at school and they are going to start him in a social skills group at school. They are also going to consult with the TAG (talented and gifted) team on how to help him not be bored during kindergarten; TAG doesn’t officially started until first grade.

Overall, I’m very pleased that they are so willing to help him, especially without a formal plan in place. We can always revisit the 504 in the future if these changes aren’t enough to make a difference.

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