Happy 5th Birthday, Dominic!

My sweet baby boy is 5 years old today! He is my last child and my only boy so of course he holds a special place in my heart. I remember being pregnant with him and being worried that he would inherit whatever issues Anna had at that time, not knowing just how involved she was going to become. I did not find out the gender of Jenny or Anna, but I needed to know with Dominic. We paid for the 4d ultrasound so I could bond even more with my baby. He had so much personality, even in utero.

Don’t you love this? It’s like, “Hey, I’m a boy. Check out this package!”

Anna had no idea what she was in store for!

He was a beautiful newborn.

This was the first time Anna met him, she was so scared!

The first picture of my three children all together.

Dominic has always been photogenic, but he was a very serious baby. He would rarely smile, so it was a real treat when we caught a smile on camera.

What a cute baby!!!

This was on his first birthday. He took his first steps on his birthday, just like Jenny did.

I had a friend, who was a professional photographer, capture the family when Dominic was one. This was my favorite picture of him.

He’s about 1.5 here, at the park. I was so smitten with him and this picture. What a cute toddler!

Dominic met all his milestones right on time, he has been healthy and active.

What a handsome little boy!!!

I love this pouty face, those eyes… oh my!

I think he looks suddenly much older at 4 years old.

I think he’ll always have a baby face, what an angel!

Dominic, I love you so much!!!

Happy 5th Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing my walk down memory lane, the first five years in pictures. I’ll share some pics from his party later this week!

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