Twisty Love Hugs

When Dominic was only three years old, he loved to stand on the furniture and have me pick him up so he could wrap himself all the way around my body to give me the biggest hug he possibly could. I would hold him like this and one day, he began twisting himself back and forth, probably in response to my unconscious maternal swaying (which I think any mother does when holding a small child). As he gently twisted back and forth, I mirrored his movements and said, “Oh, this is an extra-special hug.” Dominic replied, “This is a twisty love hug, mommy. Can you feel all of my love coming from my body into yours?”

I melted.

So our family celebrates twisty love hugs. Give someone you love one tonight. I bet they will really feel your love.

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  • P. Titibasana aka Cassie - Twisty love hugs to you, Holly. Love your blog.ReplyCancel

  • The Stories of Me... - That is too sweet and extra special! 🙂ReplyCancel

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